Hydroponics Guide

Hydroponics Guide

Hydroponics is a form of growing plants without using soil. This is called a soiless grow. Growing with Hydro can be a fun and learning experience. How does Hydro work? Hydro can be confusing at first, but you learn quickly just how easy growing with hydro is. A basic hydroponic kit consists of only a few parts.

Hydroponic Kits minimum requirements:

Bucket or Plastic tote will hold water to feed the hydro plants.
Air pump with airstone will provide oxygen to hydro plants.
Hydroton or Rockwool will hold hydro plants in place.
Net pots will hold hydroton or rockwool in place on top of the hydro kit.
This is all you need to grow with Hydroponics.

What are the benefits of growing with hydropics?

Hydroponics grow faster than soil.
Hydroponics allow for more accuracy and control.
Hydroponics can take more nutrients and oxygen.
Hydroponics grow faster so they also take in more co2.
Hydroponics allow for better control over customizing the flavor. (soil flavor when done right wins in my opinion)

Is Hydroponics better than soil?

There are many people who prefer hydroponic marijuana over soil. People feel the same about marijuana grown in soil. Marijuana grown in hydro kits is more common in many marijuana shops. The best marijuana I have ever smoked however has always been the outdoor soil grows from Central California. When California bud is properly grown outdoors with organic nutrients it is the most amazing tasting bud. Although I come across a lot more hydro bud than I do outdoor bud, my favorite was soil in taste smoothness and aroma. Don’t get me wrong Hydro is dank more often than soil. Confusing I know, go with what you prefer. I grow soil and then hydro and back and forth. :)